Sep 302013
OMD-EM1 in Portugal - First Impressions

I’m just back from Portugal using the fantastic new Olympus OMD-EM1 flagship camera to shoot Swiss/French model Mina Renoir. The camera is performed impeccably, nailing focus with precision and speed and producing files that continue to astound me. I’m still working on the vast range of looks and outfits we got through there and will [more...]

Apr 162013
Get one over on the Airlines!

Its always been the worst nightmare of any photographer flying on commercial airlines, having expensive equipment lost or damaged by the carrier. So you try your best to get as much of your kit into your hand luggage as possible and hope the rest gets there safely. Increasingly, airlines are imposing ridiculously low weight limits on hand [more...]

Sep 232012
Roll on Leica and Olympus!!

Photokina has come and gone, Europe’s biggest photographic equipment trade show held in Cologne. Its been a great show for photography in general with two lower cost full-frame models finally hitting the market from the big 2 Canon and Nikon. But the most interesting developments from my perspective have come from Leica and Olympus. Firstly [more...]

Jul 102011
Olympus EP3 / EPL3 encounter!

Park Cameras in Burgess Hill were having a big celebration of their 40th anniversary yesterday, what a great day it was, I must have been there for about 4 hours! Many of the manufacturers had people down for the day, Leica had someone as Park have just started selling Leica, Panasonic were there and the [more...]