Sep 302013

I’m just back from Portugal using the fantastic new Olympus OMD-EM1 flagship camera to shoot Swiss/French model Mina Renoir. The camera is performed impeccably, nailing focus with precision and speed and producing files that continue to astound me. I’m still working on the vast range of looks and outfits we got through there and will be adding to this post daily. Many thanks to Mina and Ezra for their great commitment to this project. Mina had broken her foot in 3 places only 2 weeks before the shoot but diligently struggled on with the aid of her crutches.



  9 Responses to “OMD-EM1 in Portugal – First Impressions”

  1. Nice work Neil. You make it look easy..

    See you soon.


  2. Cheers Chris, it was easy until the rain started..:)

  3. Great shots! I especially like the beach shots. Mind if I ask what sort of lighting and lens was used for them? Cheers!

  4. These are wonderful shots. Out of curiosity, which lenses did you use?

  5. Lovely. I enjoyed the pictures and say “YES” the E-M1 is a stunning cam. Combined with Olympus Top Lenses like the M.Zuiko 45 f1.8 or the stellar M.Zuiko 75 f1.8 it is pure joy to work with. Even the E-M5 produces results which keeps mouths open :)
    I own both myself… so i know …

    Thanx for your stunning work

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