Mar 262014

Two years ago I contacted a London based theatre company who were visiting Winchester and was allowed the opportunity of photographing the cast during a mock rehearsal resulting in this blog post here. Through continued work with that company and as a result of my increasing interest in portrait work, I have been lucky to work with more actors producing portraits and head shots. In the last month alone I have worked on 4 portrait commissions for stage, TV and film actors.

The standard ‘head shot’ offered to actors for their Spotlight profiles would traditionally consist of a simple black and white studio photograph using two flash or continuous lights against a plain background. In an effort to offer something a little different, I have been utilising available light to create images with a little more soul to them. By selecting spaces which have an interesting backdrop and quality of light and by working with the best prime lenses available, I am able to make portraits which I think reveal more depth and beauty than an average studio shot. The enigmatic style of imagery this approach results in seems well suited for the acting fraternity, who not only want to look their best but would ideally like to make an emotional connection with the viewer.

I have found my experience of working with actors to be most rewarding. Not only are they interesting to chat with, they are by their very profession, skilled and totally ‘switched on’ in front of a lens. It has also been a lot of fun hearing about the strange mixture of monotony, hard graft and occasional glamour their world involves. I definitely want to do more of this kind of work!

Here are a few of the images I have shot recently with a variety of actors….

Zoe Kate Hunter is an accomplished stage and television actress based in London


Zoe Kate Hunter


Karina Fernandez has had roles in several Mike Leigh films


Karina Fernandez


Karina Fernandez


Karina Fernandez


Penelope McGhie is a well regarded stage actress who also played a ‘death eater’ in Harry Potter!


Terry O’Donovan is an accomplished stage actor and co-founded Dante or Die theatre company


Natasha Zhuravleva has appeared in two big budget motion pictures


Natasha Zhuravleva



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